I’ve always said that happiness is a choice. We can take any situation, and choose how we feel about it. Lately, my days have felt like they are filled with garbage and clutter and the point that I look forward to most is going to bed at the end of the day – just because it means that another day is over.

This is not at all how I want to spend my days. Because I have a sinking feeling that “simply surviving” each day of this last month will turn into this whole semester, this year, and before I know it it could consume much of my life.

I heard about the 100 Happy Days Challenge a while ago, and thought it was a cute idea. But like I was ever going to actually do it. My friend Melanie jumped right into it though. Each day for the last 14 days, my news feed has been sprinkled with the everyday things that she finds joy in. From family time, to playing squash, to a sunset at the end of a lazy day, Melanie has found at least one thing each day for the last two weeks to be happy about.


Melanie’s display of daily happiness has inspired me to do the challenge as well. For the next 100 days, I will make a post about something that day that made me happy. Big or small, I will seek out the happiness in each day.Just a small step in turning my life around.

100 days from now is April 29, 2014. I will be finished this semester, and my third year of university. I will be living in a place with just Curtis and me, and no more roommates. I will be preparing to start my professional field placement. Those are the things that I know for sure. If I resolve to be happy for the next 100 days, I wonder what other doors and experiences will open up to me.

Only one way to find out :)


12 thoughts on “#100happydays

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