Paint, paint, and paint some more.

It’s update time! A lot has been done in the last few weeks – and I have to start by thanking my family. My Mom and Dad, as well as my Poppa and my painting superstar Aunt Mimi. Without the help of these awesome people, there is no way that the progress would have come so far along.


Here are my Mom and Aunt being superstars.

You all know the backstory of this reno from my previous post, so I’m just going to focus on the photos and let you know what we’ve done from that point up to now.


I’ll start with the kitchen. We’ve ripped out layers of retro linoleum and made the floor smooth and ready for the new flooring. We also yanked out that old leaky dishwasher. The cabinets have had all their doors taken off and have all been washed out – I won’t even get started on how coated they were in spider webs – and the interiors have been painted. Let me tell you, painting inside of cabinets is no walk in the park. That is probably the most difficult and annoying thing I have done yet. My neck is definitely already paying for the hours I spent craning my head around inside of those trying to get all the nooks and crannies. Also, a new ceiling is up!


All of the walls in the living room area have been prepped for painting – TSPed, nails and everything taken out of the walls. The panelling has also been repaired in some places where it had lifted. The pantry/closet has also been painted, inside and out!


I didn’t put a before shot up of this area of the hallway, but based on the others I’m sure you can visualize it. We removed wallpaper up and down the hallway and prepped those walls for paint as well. And, more cabinets! I really hate those things.



The bathroom is coming along really well. The closets have been painted a nice new white, and the counter and cabinets are prepped for paint – again, tons of spider webs. We scrubbed all the cedar nice and clean and it looks awesome! The toilet and sink are also gone and ready for the new ones.


My reading room is painted! The wainscotting is painted as well, we just didn’t get a chance to put it back up between the two tones. I’m so happy with how this colour turned out. A nice calming purple will make a great atmosphere for my books and a big comfy chair.



My bedroom is painted as well! The feature wall comes up sort of purple in these photos, but it’s a deep navy and I love it. Credit to Aunt Mimi for the idea to paint the two pillars on that wall green – I think it looks great. One more coat inside the closet and this room is ready for flooring as well!

As you can see, a lot still needs to happen in the next 20 – HOLY SHIT – days. Updates will be coming more frequently now and rooms will begin to be finished! I couldn’t be more excited for this new journey to begin.


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