Day 8 of #100happydays – Cooking a great dinner at the end of a long day

Day 8 of my #100happydays challenge, and I’m still just busy at a bee. After a long week – and weekend – of running around and trying to get all my stuff done, it’s great to just take a breather and cook a nice dinner for Curtis and I. Just a simple chicken and shrimp stirfry with some veggies and honey garlic sauce. I love making dishes like this because it always gives us leftovers for the next day. Yum!



Day 1 of #100happydays – Curtis Making Me Dinner

Day one of my #100happydays challenge:

Usually I’m the one who cooks, but today Curtis offered to make one of my favourite meals. I have been working on various assignments all day, and it’s awesome to have someone make me dinner :) Nothing beats classic chicken breasts baked with mushroom soup, with some wild rice, and a salad.