DIY – Orange Coconut Body Butter

Dry skin is such a common problem – especially during Canadian winters. I have tried what feels like all the products under the sun to soothe my dry hands. Curtis’ mom is the same. Her hands are not only dry, but crack. This can be just the worst.

His mom has cracking hands every winter, and she has tried a number of products as well. Nothing really works for her. I stumbled across a homemade body butter recipe and figured that it was worth a try! The main ingredient is coconut oil, and I’ve been reading so much hype on its benefits lately that I was quite intrigued to see the results. I tweaked it a bit from the original post, but it was still so easy!

Orange Coconut Body Butter


  • 1 1/2 cups Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil – I had to hunt for this a little bit. I found it in the natural foods aisle at Superstore. You can use the plain coconut oil, but I chose Orange Almond to enhance the scent a bit.
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • Zest from one orange


I’m not even going to break this up into steps, because there really isn’t any. Combine the ingredients, and mix. I mixed by hand, but I think you can mix with an actual mixer as well for more of a whipped texture. I don’t have one, so I had to rely on my muscles ;)


Even mixing by hand, it became a very smooth texture. I placed it into a nice little container that I also found at Superstore.


I only used about half of the small jar of coconut oil, and probably have enough for another batch. Considering I already had honey – as most of us probably do – it only cost me about $7 to make! Not too bad considering how much we so often spend on skin care products.

I tested out a little myself, and you really do only need a little bit. It’s a bit greasy at first, but it’s oil. I expected that.┬áIt took about five minutes to really soak into my skin and I have to say that my hands feel awesome! And it truly smells divine.